Nov 2004


Race Team Recap
by David Keire

The La Grange racing teams had a breakout year with both men's and ladies sides racing all the time all over the country. In July of this year we had teams simultaneously racing at the Cascade Classic in Bend Oregon, at Superweek in Wisconsin, and locally. Wow! I have tried to select some highlights from all the dramatic racing that occurred and came up with the list below. I am very proud to have these racers and the others not listed represent LaGrange in the 35th anniversary of the club's founding. The list only represents a fraction of the blood, sweat, and suffering that all the racers put out there this year on behalf of La Grange. I am looking forward to 2005.

2004: La Grange Teams 3rd Overall out of 284 teams in the Team SoCal Cup points series.

Men's 1/2 team: 43rd out of 155 Pro & Amateur Teams on the NRC (National Racing Calendar) points list.

Selected Results:

  Victor Ayala Cat 1 5th SoCal Cup Series; 9th Redlands Stage Race Crit; 4th Superweek Sprint Series
  Ryan Lane Cat 1 3rd SoCal Cup Series (1st in 2002, 2003); 1st State USCF ITT Champs
  Jeremiah Wiscovitch U23 Cat 1 12th SoCal Cup Series; 6th Maritime Bay Classic Superweek; 3rd La Mirada GP
  Geoff Rapoport U23 Cat 1

10th GC Veulta de Bisbee; 6th Elite State RR Champs; 11th RR, 12th TT U23 Nats

  Josh Horowitz Cat 1 3rd San Diego Omnium RR; 5th Good Ol' Days RR; 1st CBR 2 Man TT Champs
  Rob Alvarez Cat 1 1st Tuscon Crit Series;2nd Snowball Hillclimb; 6th Wupatki RR; 2003 AZ RR Champ
  Matt Bromen Cat 1 6th Semana Nautica Criterium; 8th Dominquez Crit
  Mike Garrett Cat 1 3rd GC No End Classic Cat 2; 3rd Valley of the Sun Crit Cat 2; 3rd Rock and Road Crit Pro 1/2
  Aron Ghadia Cat 2 2004 State Criterium Champion Cat 3; 2nd WLAC GP Cat 3; 1st SoCal Cup Series Cat 3
  Marco Fantone Cat 2 2nd Acton RR Cat 3; 6th Devil's Punchbowl RR Cat 3; 4th SoCal Cup Series Cat 3

Women's 1/2 Team: 16 th out of 97 Professional and Amateur teams on the NRC points list.

Selected Results:

  Betsy Bloom-Galenti Cat 1

4th So Cal Cup Series; 4th GC Veulta a Valencia; 3rd State Crit. Champ; 6th Devil's Punchbowl RR

  Laura Downey Cat 1 15th SoCal Cup Series; 1st Vuelta a Valencia Crit; 2nd Garrett Lemire GP
  Catherine Powers Cat 1 13th So Cal Cup Series; 1st GC Tour of Temecula; 2nd Devil's Punchbowl RR; 2nd WLAC GP
  Carla Koehler Cat 1 22nd So Cal Cup Series; 10th GC Veulta a Valencia; 6th Temecula GP
  Nicole Brandt Cat 1 2nd Solvang GP; 9th San Marcos; 8th Devil's Punchbowl RR
  Desira Utzig Cat 1 18th GC Vuelta a Valencia; 5th UPS Crit; 7th Ontario Crit

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