Dec 2004

Singing, errr …
no, Riding In The Rain
by Jay Slater


Call it loyalty or maybe just stupidity but never let it be said that LG'ers don't give it their all regardless of the conditions.

The Postal Service has their saying about “rain or sleet or snow or dark of night, the mail always goes through”. Well LG'ers don't have to take a back seat to anyone for their dedication to the sport.

It was dark and cold and damp as we rode to Starbucks on San Vicente. Just as we arrived, the first rain drops hit the street. By 6:30 the drops had become a light rain that looked sort of peaceful in the streetlights. We decided to give it a go on the warm up lap (that term quickly became an oxymoron) and see how things were going when we got back to San Vicente.







About 20 of us headed off and as we arrived back at SV it was raining a little harder. Now completely losing our senses we headed down toward Ocean. Lots of mumbling about things like “the further we get from home the harder it's going to rain” could be heard. Or “it's not so bad” with the reply of “sure, if you're a duck!!!!”.

As we picked up the pace on Ocean so did the rain. It soon became obvious to most of us that if we were going to finish the ride we were going to need a mask, snorkel and fins. A few at a time, those who were thinking headed for home. By the time it was over only three people actually finished the whole ride. Their names will be kept confidential to spare them from unmerciful abuse (they took enough doing the ride).

All in all an experience we can all learn from. I suppose.

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