April 2005
Looking for an Alternative?
Try the JV Rides.
by Jay Slater

With the whirl of powerful pedal strokes and the clash of changing gears, the LaGrange club rides head off each Tuesday through Thursday from 26th and San Vicente. Whether sprinting through the Marina, climbing Mandeville or the chain breaks of the Riviera ride, the best riders in the club set a withering pace.

These rides are not for those uncomfortable riding at high speed in a peleton of accomplished riders who use these rides to ready themselves for the challenges of their weekend races.

JV Afficianados
Jay Slater, Larry Goodman,
Jeffrey Courian and Mitch Cohen

So if you’re not a racer or not up to the challenge of keeping up with the best of the best in our club, what do you do?

Well, here’s a solution - Ride with the JV. Who or what is the JV? The JV is a growing group of riders, who are maybe a bit more gray at the temples, a tad less fit, a little less capable of staying with the big guys (and gals), but look to improve their fitness and riding skills while enjoying a group of people of similar abilities.

Here are three rides when the JV gets out there and does it’s best.

Tuesday: The group leaves 26th & San Vicente at 6:30, just like the big guys. The difference is, instead of doing the warm up lap around Brentwood CC, they head immediately down San Vicente, to do the same course as the Friendly Friday ride. (For early risers there is another group that leaves 26th & SV at 6:15.) From Ocean on, the group rides in a pace line at about 20-22 mph, until the trip back up San Vicente (when it’s every man/woman on his/her own). The ride gets back to Peet’s about 7:50 am.

Thursday: The group meets at West Los Angeles College at 6:30 am. (This is the site of the LaGrange Grand Prix race in August.) The course is about 1.5 miles long with a .5 mile hill of about 8% grade. The group will do between 8-12 laps, depending on the mood, and then head to coffee in Beverly Hills. This is a very good training ride and definitely helps to build hill climbing abilities.

Saturday: This ride often leaves at 7:30 from Peet’s, but actually is determined during the week. Popular rides are south to Palos Verdes with distances ranging from 50-70 miles depending on which hills are climbed in PV; and north up PCH either to Trancas (50 miles), Big Rock (70 mi.), or up one of the canyon roads and some part of Mulholland (distances vary by route but usually 50 miles or more. The pace is moderate and no one is dropped. To get on the email list, contact me at <simnsez8@aol.com>.

So there you have it! Alternative rides for riders of all abilities. Come out and join the fun. Bring your love of cycling and look forward to having a great time with some great people.

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