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Amazing teamwork by the Men's Cat 4 squad at Manhattan Beach Grand Prix!! (race report)


Ethan Halpern, Michael Relth, Marc Thomas, Chad Moston, Richard Nguyen, Marco Fabrizio, James Brill, John Smart
( Wade Hewitt)




Chad Moston gets a perfect leadout from Chris Stewart to WIN the Cat 5 SoCal Cup #7 Race!!
( Bonnie Stewart)



4th of July in Redondo Beach!
( Ciaran Bossom)



David Brinton, Joel Bertet, Rob Langone ready to WIN the Masters SCNCA Championship Team Sprint!!
( Wade Hewitt) (race report)



Julie Cutts WINS Rosena Ranch 2 Circuit Pro/1/2 Race!!



Sean Oneal WINS the Masters 35+ 4/5 Rosena Ranch 2 Circuit Race with Shai Oved 3rd!! (race report)



Martin Gaiss near the summit of Super Flagstaff in Boulder during Triathlon Camp



Alicia Silvera finishes on the podium from a break at the Jailhouse Race!! (race report)



La Grangers deliver meals on Friday for Meals on Wheels of West LA!



Skip Nevell, Tom Hill, Jay Slater, Borislav Starcevic, Larry Goodman, Edgar Burcksen, Jennifer Klausner
with La Granger and long time sponsor Howard Krepack at the LA River Ride where
he r
eceived the first annual Service to Cycling Award from the LACBC.

Click here to donate to The Howard D. Krepack Fund in the battle against ALS!



Brian Crommie starts his summer vacation in Bormio, Italy



Roberto Rodriguez takes 2nd in the SoCal Cup #6 Pro/1/2 race holding off the field in a late break!!
( Suzanne Sonye)



For the 2nd consecutive year, La Grangers participated in the Palms Bike Rodeo
(Tom Byrnes showcases a few vintage and custom bikes from his collection)
( Jonathan Weiss)



Trudi Schindler takes 2nd in the Cat 4 SCNCA Road Race Championship!!



Victor Ayala leads out Erick Sobey to 3rd in the Barry Wolfe Grand Prix Pro/1/2 Race!! (race report)
( Rahsaan Bahati)



Keith Peters and Hans Jorgenson WIN the 2-Men 120+ SCNCA Team Time Trial Championship!! (race report)



La Grangers heading up Mt. Baldy to catch Stage 7 of the Tour of California
( Robert Franssen)



Phil Klinkon rips a 20.5 second 500M at the Marymoor Velodrome Roller Racing Championship!
(race report)



Mary Jane Bouman, Shelby Walter, Lisa Buckland in action at Arco Criterium - Shelby takes 4th!
( Guy Buckland)



Jaycee Cary scores Bronze at the Cat 4 SCNCA Time Trial Championship!!
( Mark Capalbo)



La Grangers prepare to embark on the inaugural Catalina Island Gran Fondo! (report)



Diana Toche-Velez steps onto the podium in the Cat 4 Turlock Lake Road Race!!



Rich Mull finishes 2nd in the Masters 60-64 Road Race at the Berkshire Cycling Classic
 to qualify for the UCI World Masters Championship in South Africa!! (race report)



Pete Brandenburg celebrates Cinco de Mayo by WINNING the Cat 1 40+ XC race at Idyllwild Spring Challenge!
(race report)



Trudi Schindler descending at De Vlees Huis Ronde!



Lee Ziff (2nd), Richard Kim (3rd), Tom FitzGibbon (10th) in the 40+ 3/4 race at Pontius!
( Vance Macdonald)



Julie Cutts WINS again - at LA Circuit Race!!!
( Bill Cordero)



Julie Cutts and Melina Bernecker on the podium at Vlees!!



Julie Cutts WINS after getting in a break that laps the field at SoCal Cup Crit #4!!!  (race report)
( Bill Cordero)



Amy Rice WINS the Women's Cat 3/4 race at San Luis Rey!!! (race report)



Tyler Hakamori conquers 10,000+ ft of Haleakala! (report)




Quinn Hatfield sets an unofficial Encino track and Masters National 500M record at the La Grange Cup!!
( Michael Roe)



Ian Murray and Heather Baroff sit on the newly dedicated memorial bench to Debra Goldsmith
who was tragically struck by a car on Palisades Drive, April 11, 2001



Hani Lou sprints to 3rd in the Women's Cat 4 race at Ontario!
( Vance Macdonald)



Richard Kim sprints to 2nd in the Masters 35+ 3/4 Torrance Crit! (race report)
( Jurbanphotos)



Fred Haim climbs onto the Masters 60+ podium at Torrance!! (race report)



Mario Seri WINS the Super Masters 70+ State Criterium Championship!!!



Mimi Sheean WINS the Super Masters 55+ State Criterium Championship!!!



Shai Oved WINS his last race as a Cat 5 at the Avenue of the Flags Crit!!



Michael Relth hits grades of 32% in Feel My Legs, I'm A Racer #7! (race report)
( Donovan Jenkins)




Jeremy Dixon steps onto the podium finishing 3rd in the Masters 35+ Salinas Criterium! (race report)



Matias Mendigochea before taking 2nd at the Masters 35+ Rosena Ranch Circuit Race!
( Allen Bean)



Augusto Peraza finishes atop the Cat 3 GC at SDSR!! (race report)
( Michael Roe)


Augusto Peraza WINS the Cat 3 San Dimas Stage Road Race riding in the rain SOLO for 6 of 8 laps!!
( Michael Roe)



Sara Leiter ready to take on the Death Valley Century!
( AdventureCORPs, Inc.)



Michael Weicht finishes 2nd in the Pro/1 GC at Tour de Murrieta!
( Shawn Daurelio)



Erick Sobey reels in the Tour de Murrieta Grand Prix Cat 3 WIN!! (race report)
( Gus Sarmiento)



Marco Fantone at the front of his 2nd Masters race in 80 temps at SoCal Cup Crit #3 after riding Nichols!
( Helen's Racing)



Julie Cutts gets pinned by Bea Eschenwald at the Merced Boosters Time Trial (race report)
( VeloImages)



Mimi Sheean and Lane Ochi flank former TdF racer and Olympian Chris Carmichael



Quinn Hatfield, Chad Tulloch, Joe Camacho at the rail ready to begin racing in the LG v. PAA track series



 La Grange named "The Shark Tank" in the March issue of Los Angeles Magazine!



Belinda Eschenwald on the front, finishes 4th at the NOW Energy Bar Crit! (race report)
( Jurbanphotos)



Sochin Lee, Hani Helen Lou and Anabel Holland get gangsta en route to Santa Barbara



Augusto Peraza breaks away to finish 4th in the Cat 3 Cantua Road Race! (race report)



Jeff Tuttle finishes 2nd in the Cat 3 UCLA Road Race after 6000 ft of climbing! (race report)
( Ethan Milius)



Trudi Schindler, Amy Rice, Jocelyn Pogue conquer freezing temps and over 4500 ft at the UCLA Road Race!



Roger Millikan Crit Cat 5 studs: Chad Moston (3rd), John Smart (1st), Ethan Milius (8th)!!



 Erick Sobey off the front sports the new kit to the Cat 3 peloton at Red Trolley!
( Steve Weixel)



Scott Keno and John Velez at the start of the 54 mile Masters Cat 4 Knights Ferry Road Race



Kjeld Gogosha-Clark



Diana Toche-Velez finishes 6th at Knights Ferry RR in her first race!
(race report)



 Nick Gillock opens his 2012 account by WINNING the Cat 3 Tom's Farm Time Trial!
( PB Creative Photo)



Nicole Brandt goes full gas on the final lap of the women's elite race at Mothballs! (race report)



Tommy Musca sprints to 3rd in the Juniors 15-16 race at Mothballs! (race report)
( Scott Cohen)



Karyn Williams finished 9th at Mothballs in her first race!



Melina Bernecker WINS the elite Poor College Kids RR!



La Grange Cat 5 Poor College Kids RR Podium: Scott Monroe (8th), Shai Oved (1st!!), Ethan Milius (9th)
(race report)



Roberto Rodriguez attacks out of a 9-man break with 1.5 laps to go!
(race report)



Solvang Base Camp: La Grange in da House
( Joe Camacho)



3/4/5 team above Jalama Beach
( Marc Thomas)



Quinn's new sprint steed = pure speed




The skies cleared for the team ride out to Jalama Beach



Luis Acosta fuels up for an epic Cat 3/4/5 team camp in Solvang!



Event: Stagecoach Century TTT

Date: 1-14-2012
Distance: 100 miles, 5360 ft of Elevation
Jaycee Cary, Nick Gillock, Joe Eby, Mark Capalbo
Time: 4 hours 49 minutes
Avg Speed: 20.7mph
Race Report



12 yo Trevor Goodman spinning his newest ride from Helen's



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