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Photo by Joe Pugliese and Jon Davis



Founder Raymond Fouquet's 91st Birthday!



The Rock



 The long shadows of a long ride cast by Chad, Jeff and Joe
( Joe Pugliese)



Thursday morning moto workout with Henry Shibata at the Encino Velodrome
(Quinn Hatfield, John Smart, Joe Camacho)



Lee Ziff wins the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix Juniors Race by ten bike lengths!



Peet's post-Riviera ride during warmer late-Spring temps
( Joe Pugliese)



Marco Fantone and Victor Ayala flank Stu Press the day before his wedding on the Bachelor's Ride



The Men's Cat 3 team looks fresh after 5.5 hours and 95 hilly miles!
L-R: Erick Sobey, Daniel Ross, Dan Ries, Michael Hamilton, Alan Bub, Lee Ziff, Chad Tulloch, Jeff Tuttle



 2011 MOW San Vicente Start

Bobby Close and Nathan Lloyd lead the start of the Thanksgiving Day Ride for Meals on Wheels of WLA


Jsaon Dodge climbs 38 miles from sea level to the summit of Haleakala!




Dave Huntsman, Sr., accepts the "Takes a Lickin n' Keeps-on-Tickin" Award from Skip Nevell
( Dave Lieberman)



The skies cleared Saturday for the 100 mi. Cat 3/4/5 team ride from Van Nuys to Santa Barbara
( Vance Macdonald)



New Cat 3 racer Daniel Ross gets in off-season base miles rolling along the 101 near Oxnard
( Nick Brandeau)



Jaycee Cary, Tom Hill, Joseph Eby, Dan Ries, Lee Ziff, Rich Mull conquer the Santa Barbara Century
winning the fastest team award up famed Gibraltar - Rich had the fastest overall time! (report)



Tim Rizzi WINS the Cat 3 Incycle XC Challenge! (race report)



Jorge Camacho gets a thumbs up for finishing the Seagull Century in Salisbury, Maryland



Quinn's Kilo face at Elite Track Nationals
( Michael Roe)



Melina Bernecker claims two Golds and a Silver to WIN the Australian Women Masters Road Championship!!



Peter Brandenburg WINS the US Cup MTB Cat 2 40-44 State Championship!!



Team La Grange = 15 racers + 3 support crew finished 29k ft of climbing in two days at the Everest Challenge!



Jeffrey Tuttle wins the Overall La Grange Cup GC!



Dr. Charles Pollick gives himself a cardiology test up Piuma!
( Allen Bean)




Pablo Maida at the start of last year's Piuma Hill Climb with tubulars in tow
( Dave Lieberman)



Quinn Hatfield finishes 2nd in the Kilo at the SCNCA Elite Track Championships!
( Pat Benson)



Defending CBR Cat 3 State Champion Christian Cognigni returns to the podium finishing 3rd!
( Billy Wayne) (race report)




 Victor Ayala drives a break in the Pro/1/2 race at San Clemente!
( Michael Roe)



 Junior Sam Warford speeds along PCH Eddy Merckx style at the La Grange Cup 20k TT
( Michael Roe) (slideshow)



Shelby Walter dons the classic Rudy Syton in preparation for the La Grange Cup 20k TT!



 Melina Bernecker WINS the women's 1/2 Summer's End Grand Prix!
( TRU Cycling)



Melinda Weiner races for points at The Encino Six
( Pat Benson)



Christina 'Rico' Ricafort almost home after riding 500 miles from San Francisco!



  Marc Thomas and the Birthday Boy atop Gibraltar, Aug. 12, on Dan Ries's Birthday Ride
( Rob Langone)



Quinn Hatfield sprints under the Encino lights during his semi-final heat at the Golden Saddle Grand Prix
( Devon Tsuno) (race report)



 Brandon Gritters drives a break right from the gun at the Raymond Fouquet Brentwood Grand Prix
( SoCalCycling.com)



 Jacob Rothman rides the front of the Cat 4 race at the Raymond Fouquet Brentwood Grand Prix
( Bert Whitson)



Anna Drakulich climbs the podium scoring 2nd at the new Torrance Crit course!



Marco Cubillos leading the Cat 3 race at Sisquoc before getting into the winning 2-man break (race report)
( Ritte Van Vlaanderen)



Stu Press wins the field sprint for 3rd in the Sisquoc P/1/2 race from a perfect leadout by Shawn D'Aurelio (5th)!  (race report)
( Ritte Van Vlaanderen)



 11 07 24 104_edited-1

Kyle Gritters dropping the hammer in the P/1/2 San Marcos Crit
( Scott Burnham)




Morgan Kapp sprints for points en route to the podium at the Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge in Portland
( Jose Sandoval)



1999 Cat 4 team at Sisquoc:
Matias Mendigochea, Marco Fantone, Matt Blake, Dave Oshinsky, Pablo Maida, John Holmes, Glenn Cratty



 Joel Bertet strikes Gold and becomes the 2011 SCNCA Masters 45+ Track Sprint Champion! (race report)



 Christian Cognigni off the front in the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix Cat 3 race!
( Vance Macdonald) (slideshow)



 Z Holly hits max speed at the La Grange Cup Sprint Championship!
( Guy Buckland) (results)

More photos by Michael Roe



Anna, Melinda, Melina... summer solstice... on a rock... by a lake... in the middle of Wisconsin



Team pic on the refrigerator of host Patricia Bitter Young at Tour of America's Dairyland
( Patricia Bitter Young)



Neil Leventhal roars from Hideki Yamamoto at La Grange Cup Practice 500M Sprint Day
( Michael Roe)




La Grange - Encino Velodrome Practice 6/18/11 from Bert Whitson on Vimeo

In preparation for next weekend's LaGrange Cup 500m Sprint (Saturday 6/25/11), La Grange sprinters hit the Encino Velodrome for some practice runs



The La Grange women TTT gladiators clad in full aero armor before winning two State Championships!

Back row: Lisa Buckland, Christina Ricafort, Mimi Sheean, Renee Fenstermacher
Front row: Trudi Schindler, Betsy Kogan, Melinda Weiner, Melina Bernecker



Bert Whitson wins the Camarillo Duathlon! (race report)



Vance Macdonald, Jaycee Cary, Dan Ries, Chria Hazlitt model the Bronze bling from the State Championship TTT!
( Mark Capalbo) (race report)



Melina Bernecker wins the Women's Masters 35+ State Championship RR at Bakersfield!



Melinda Weiner solos to 2nd in the Women's Cat 1/2 State Championship RR at Bakersfield!



Jeff Tuttle and Dennis Cabrera sprint to 9th and 11th in the Cat 4 State Championship RR at Bakersfield!
( Greg Erwin)



Mt. Baldy w/Bobke: Marco Fantone, Dan Chapman, Bobke, Nate Whitman, Jaycee Cary, Jake Winebaum
( Dan Chapman)



 Keith Peters blazes to 4th in the Masters 60+ State Championship TT! (race report)
( Mark Capalbo)



Founder Raymond Fouquet sits with the French National Team during the 2005 Track Worlds at ADT
( Dave Lieberman)



 Peet's podium: Pete Brandenberg, Rob Langone, Jason Dodge rehydrate post -Nichols
( Brian Pera)



Raymond Fouquet flanked by Alex Baum, David Huntsman, Claude Innocenti and Chef Rudy Vallee
at the race that bears his name - Raymond Fouquet Brentwood Grand Prix
( Heather Baroff)



La Grangers watch Stage 7 at ToC
( Michael Roe)



la grange tent 2

The La Grange crew set up the Herbalife tent and bbq atop Mt. Baldy at ToC (slideshow)
( Dave Lieberman)



Michael Edwards and Ernie Hoffer flank Bob Roll after the ToC Solvang TT in Pasadena
( Lane Ochi)



Dave Cranston and John Velez surfing the 40+ 4/5 field at May Day - John finished 6th! (race report)
( Wheels of Glorycycling)



Brandon Gritters in action on the 6-turn course at Dana Point Grand Prix: Rider Profile
( Bill Cordero)

Brandon and the guys almost pulled off the win at Barrio Logan Grand Prix (race report)



 Dennis "El Nino" Cabrera WINS the Cat 4 San Luis Rey Road Race under gale force winds! (race report)
( Jeff Tuttle)



Melina Bernecker winds it up at The Redlands Classic: Rider Profile
( Bill Cordero)



The sprinters came out to play at the May Day-May Day-May Day Crit.

L-R: Betsy Kogan (prime!), Lisa Buckland, Anna Drakulich (2nd!), Amy Hutner



Bill Walton surrenders to the new FNK jersey modeled by fellow Bruin Wayne Nguyen at L'Etape du California

Tom Hill's Ride Report



Joe Camacho helps Dave Lieberman box over 1,000 articles of clothing, shoes, helmets, parts to be delivered to Mike Fraysee and shipped to Central and South America.

Thanks to all the La Grangers who donated!



Rob Clouthier took 4th on Stage 1 of the Idyllwild Spring Classic (race report)



Tamar Toister experiences CicLAvia (story)



 Tom FitzGibbon and Vance Macdonald mix it up during the Masters 40+ 3/4 race at Chuck Pontius



Devil's Punchbowl Cat 4 Results: 2 podium, 3 top 10 and 5 top 20! (race report)



Bruce Shannahoff leads the recumbent brigade down the Rock Store descent on Mulholland



Chad Tulloch finishes off an incredible team effort in the Cat 4 LA Circuit Race!
( Wade Hewitt) (race report)



Amy Hutner, Jocelyn Pogue, Christina Ricafort, Betsy Kogan, Renee Fenstermacher (& Jaycee Cary) at LA Circuit
( Bill Cordero)


Marco Fantone gets caffeinated at the LA Circuit La Grange mobile espresso machine thanks to Jon Davis
( Joe Pugliese)



(race report)


 Dennis Cabrera takes 2nd at the tough De Vlees Huis RR and has become this season's 'secret weapon'
( Joe Camacho) (race report)



The elite men's team poses gangsta-style at Redlands



Lee Ziff's classic full throated cry during his match sprint with Bobby Allen at the Encino season opener
( Pat Benson)



Raul Alcala in full flight during the SDSR Stage 1 Pro TT



New and old La Grangers had a feast at Pitfire Pizza on Sunday!
( Dave Lieberman) (slideshow)



 Jeff Tuttle secures 2nd and the KOM jersey and Nick Gillock moves up to 3rd in Cat 4 SDSR GC!
( Joe Camacho) (race report)


Chris London breaks his collar bone in crit crash, remounts and finishes 5th in Cat 5 SDSR GC!
( Yi-Hsiu Yeh)



Jeff Tuttle races in the KOM jersey on Stage 2 Cat 4 San Dimas Road Race and stays in 2nd on GC!
( Bill Cordero)



Raul Alcala (2nd from left) at the front of Nest Mountain Road Race in 1985. He later won two stages and finished top ten twice at the Tour de France. This weekend, 3/25-27, La Grange is fielding 52 racers at the San Dimas Stage Race and Raul will be one of them! 
(1980s Cycling Photography by Sam Emerson)



Quinn Hatfield anchors the team sprint at LAVRA Cup TT
( Pat Benson)



Rob Clouthier enjoys the Santa Monica canyons before the coming monsoon
( Vance Macdonald)



The Wedding Ride starring Diana Toche and John Velez
( Joe Camacho)



Eder Frayre started the season on the podium at Boulevard and now races for a Spanish Pro Continental team! (report)



Racers from the Herbalife La Grange elite team pose at the Tour of Murrieta expo
Brandon Gritters, Danny Kam, Mike Herdman, Melina Bernecker, Victor Ayala, Luis Zamudio, Cody Stevenson, Kyle Gritters



Pete Brandenburg flies downhill to 2nd in the Cat 2 Single Speed race at US Cup #1 (race report)
( Incline Photography)



Kyle Gritters leads out Danny Kam to 7th in the Arco Criterium Pro/1/2 race


Christian Cognigni rocks the new kit at the Arco Criterium in Long Beach
( Vikki Winberg Schaeffler)



 16 yo Angelica Frayre wins the Fiesta Tropical Women's Road Race in Ensenada!



Raymond Fouquet and Bart Brody lead weekly La Grange training ride circa 1988
(1980s Cycling Photography by Sam Emerson)



 Juniors' Captain Drew Kogon and Director Nick Brandeau's pizza clinic at La Grange Night at Helen's (slideshow)
( Dave Lieberman)



Jason Bausch attacks during Callville Bay Classic Criterium!
( VeloImages)



 Mark Martinet drops the hammer and strings out the field with Chad in tow!
( Zachary Taka Scott)


Chad Tulloch has plenty of time to celebrate winning Cat 4 CBR #2! (race report)
( Joe Camacho)



Winter in SoCal... again! Alan Bub catches snow flakes in Palmdale while climbing at the UCLA Road Race
( Joe Camacho) (Nick Gillock's race report)



La Grangers Diana Toche and John Velez tie the knot at La Vuelta Puerto Rico! (report)



Men's and Women's elite teams had their team camp Jan. 8-9. Sunday atop Griffith Park Observatory.
L-R: Kyle Gritters, Wilson Blas, Cody Stevenson, Brandon Gritters, Jett Pink, Mike Herdman, Jose Blanco (behind), Victor Ayala, Gustavo Mendez (behind), Anna Drakulich, Alan Wagenbach (behind), Alicia Silvera, Eder Frayre, Alan Bub, Roberto Rodriguez

Kneeling L-R: Melinda Weiner, Matias Mendigochea, Stu Press



Racers from the Women's 3/4 and 1/2 team atop Stunt
L-R: Anabel Holland, Trudi Schindler, Lisa Buckland, Betsy Kogan, Amy Hutner, Renee Fenstermacher, Stacey Young, Melina Bernecker, Mimi Sheean, Deb Perlman, Jocelyn Pogue


La Grange Women's Team Holiday Party!
Top L-R: Lisa Buckland, Melina Bernecker, Betsy Kogan, Jocelyn Pogue, Anne Cuizon, Yukino Yamamoto
Middle L-R: Alicia Silvera, Sara Painter, Amy Hutner, Anna Drakulich
1st Row L-R: Melinda Weiner, Trudi Schindler, Anabel Holland, Renee Fenstermacher, Stacey Young



Daniel Leberger and Lee Ziff in action in the Masters 45+ race at Millikan
( DmunsonPhoto.com)


The fire trucks were called because Chad is en fuego! Another podium finish taking 2nd at Millikan! (race report)



 Danny Kam and Mike Herdman follow Tony Cruz uphill at Red Trolley Pro12 race. Danny & the team finished 5th!
( Monster Media)


Drew Kogon, Nick Gillock, Jaycee Cary, Dennis Cabrera (6th), Jeff Tuttle (2nd) successfully finish Boulevard
(not pictured: Eder Frayre took 2nd in Pro/1/2/ and Hannah Finchamp took 3rd in Women Cat 3/4)



Melinda Bernecker starts the 2011 season with 2nd in the Women's 1-3 field at Mothballs (slideshow)
( Bob Dixon)



 Chad Tulloch in full flight en route to the Cat 4 podium in CBR's season opener!
( DmunsonPhoto.com) (race report)



A small army of La Grange racers invaded the LA Velodrome to get certified on the boards (slideshow)
( Bert Whitson)



Cat 3/4/5 Captain Joe Pugliese rallies @ 40 La Grange racers at a packed pre-season race meeting



14 La Grangers attended Keirin School at the Encino Velodrome on Saturday (slideshow)
Behind the motor: Dan Ries, Vance Macdonald, Dave Cranston, Joe Camacho, Neil Leventhal
( Dave Lieberman)


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