Raymond Fouquet Founder Album



Team Montmartre Sportif, 40 km Team Time Trial, Saint-Ouen - Chantilly, 1949
Raymond Fouquet
(2nd position)

Raymond was riding a CNC bike. At that time of his racing career, Raymond was working for Renault Auto Maker located in Billancourt. Raymond moved to the USA the following year in 1950.


Rene Averseng
(Peugeot - La Grange)
National Championship Pursuit Team, 1975
Left to Right: Ron Skarin, Rene Averseng (Peugeot - La Grange),
Chris Haley, Ralph Therrio


1984 French Olympic Team
Manhattan Beach Grand Prix, 1984. French Olympic Team (guests of Raymond and La Grange)
Raymond (in white, far right), Thierry MARIE (2nd from left)

Maximilian SCIANDRI Stage Win 1995 Tour de France Stage 11 (Bourg d’Oisans > Saint-Etienne)
Team: MG-Technogym
Steve HEGG Gold Medal 1984 Olympics 4000m Individual Pursuit (4:39.35),
Los Angeles
Steve HEGG Silver Medal 1984 Olympics 4000m Team Pursuit (4:29.85),
Los Angeles
Steve WOOD Gold Medal 1979 National Road Championships
Senior Men, Milwaukee, WI
Bobby ALLEN Gold Medal 1977 National Track Championships
Team Pursuit, Senior Men (4:45.13)
(Allen, Deem, Lutz, Skarin), Redmond, WA
Rene AVERSENG Gold Medal 1975 National Track Championships
Team Pursuit, Senior Men (4:41.55)
(Averseng, Skarin, Haley, Therrio), Northbrook, IL

Steve Hegg was born Dec. 3, 1963 in Dana Point, CA. He was a member of the 1984 and 1996 Olympic Teams. 1984 Individual Pursuit – Gold Medal and a Silver Medal in the Team Pursuit.

He won the National Championships in the Time Trial in 1990, 1995 and 1996. He was the National Champion in the Individual Pursuit in 1984. 1989 and 1990. Hegg in 1994 won the National Professional Road Race Championship.

1978 Junior National Team
Top L-R: Ed Burke, Jeff Bradley, Mark Frise, Ron Kiefel, Lee Ziff, Bill Humphries. Eddy B
Bottom L-R: Thurlow Rogers, Greg Demgen, Greg Lemond, Bob Bergdahl, Chris Carmichael



1971 La Grange Club Photo

L-R (back row): Founder Raymond Fouquet, Bud Meyers, Robert Van Hove, French National Team Coach Toto Gerardin, Dick Scott, Frank Molatau, Bill Rieschling, Dave Huntsman, Pierre Parriaux
L-R (front row): Rene Averseng, Tony Hug, Larry Robbins


1977 La Grange Club Photo


1981 La Grange Club Photo


1984 La Grange Club Photo


1987 La Grange Club Photo


1988 La Grange Club Photo


1989 La Grange Club Photo


1990 La Grange Club Photo


1991 La Grange Club Photo


1992 La Grange Club Photo


1993 La Grange Club Photo


1994 La Grange Club Photo


1995 La Grange Club Photo


1996 La Grange Club Photo


1997 La Grange Club Photo


1998 La Grange Club Photo

1999 La Grange Club Photo


2001 La Grange Club Photo


2002 La Grange Club Photo


2004 La Grange Club Photo


2005 La Grange Club Photo


2006 La Grange Club Photo


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2007 La Grange Club Photo


2008 La Grange Club Photo


2009 Club Photo - click here for full size
2009 Club Photo, click photo for full size
VeloImages, Brian Black Hodes Photography


2010 La Grange Club Photo by Joe Pugliese and Jon Davis


2011 La Grange Club Photo by Joe Pugliese and Jon Davis




(A tribute to La Grange founder RAYMOND FOUQUET)

The film is written and directed by our own Bill Birrell, with help from videographer and La Granger of the Year Bill Pitcher and Emmy Award winning film editor (and fellow La Granger and Most Improved Male Rider) Edgar Burcksen.

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Velo Club La Grange

Velo Club La Grange is one of California's largest and oldest cycling clubs with over 400 members nationwide. The club was founded by Raymond Fouquet in 1969 and fields one of the top amateur racing teams in the U.S. Past members include a Tour de France stage winner, an Olympic gold medalist, and several U.S. National and California state champions.

Along with the Club's dedication to bicycle racing, the club welcomes new and inexperienced riders with a passion for cycling. La Grange is very active in the cycling and fitness communities. Our continuing public policy work with state and local government has led to major improvements in safety for all users of California roads. In addition, the Club has partnered with the Association of Blind Athletes and Meals on Wheels and sponsors an annual scholarship with the help of the Union Bank of California.






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