WINTER 12/9 - 12/14 Late-January

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The Winter Clothing Order is Closed

Spring order in March



NEW RULE! You miss the deadline, you miss the sale. ZEEEEEEERO EXCEPTIONS

First timers:
1. Log in as a new user.
2. Complete your member profile.
3. Next you see three tabs. The "project" tab will be highlighted.
4. On the "project" tab, click on "new order".
5. The "items" screen will appear.

Men's (and unisex) items in blue, women's in pink. Just like nursery school.

6. FZ means "full zipper".
7. LS means 'long sleeve".
8. Training fit is a fuller cut across the chest and abdomen.


To view the the kit design look over to the top right of the page where it says Servizio Corse.

Below that is a link that reads "View Product Graphics". Click on that! A pop-up box will appear with two PDF files.

Click on those links to open the kit design. It will open in a new window. Don't forget to look at both files! They're both very pretty

After checking out the fancy new duds, mosey on back to the order page.

Order what you want.

For those wanting the "white alternate bib" zip all the way to the bottom of the order page right below the "BASE LAYERS". 

You will see "TG11357: White Bibs/Shorts". Yes! You found the alternate white bibs! Great job!

When you're done you can leave, and come back later to buy, or buy now!

When you're ready to buy, click on the "shipping" tab.

You will see a drop box with three options. Please pick "your shipping address ($10)" or "enter new address ($10)". You will be charged a flat rate of $10 to ship.

Your orders will ship directly to you!
If you order from both sites you with only be charged one shipping fee!

Do NOT pick "Team Manager (No Charge)". If you DO pick this, your order will be cancelled!

The next steps are pretty easy. Your standard review and payment info. Also, due to our new CA internet sales tax law you will be charged sales tax for each order.

If you don't check out right away and choose to log back in later, choose the "order" tab after you log in. That will bring you to your old cart.

If you choose "New Order" it makes... a New Order. This will wipe out your old cart.


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La Grange Flight School Kits for Junior Racers




Custom La Grange SCNCA Championship Jersey



Sorry, no refunds / no returns


La Grange members who win an SCNCA State Championship or who win a USA Cycling National Championship while wearing the La Grange team clothing are eligible for one championship jersey.

Subject to approval by La Grange Race Director - minimum field sizes may apply.