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FRIDAY : Marina Lite
Description: 23 miles, recovery, abridged version of Tuesday Marina Ride
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 6:30 AM

Place: 26th Street and San Vicente Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA


The Skinny: Unlike all the other weekday rides, this ride skips the warm up lap around the golf course and heads immediately down San Vicente towards Ocean Avenue. Remember: It's a recovery ride! Beverages at Peet's in Brentwood (San Vicente and Gorham) afterward.


Danger!: This ride travels through several high-traffic areas, most notably on the return up Ocean Avenue, which a has a thin shoulder and lots of motorists fueled on caffeine, yammering on cell phones and many times late for work. Keep your eyes open for open car doors and head up for fast red lights!


Tips for New Riders: This is a great ride for new riders. Get to know the route and meet some great people.
La Grange welcomes non-members on its rides. As such, we encourage (and expect) the following from members and non-members alike on each of our rides:

» Helmet use at all times
» Front light and rear flashers when dark
» Courtesy to motorists, pedestrians and fellow cyclists
» Observation of all traffic signals and applicable laws
» Respect of the intended pace of the ride
» Respect of the guidance of the ride leader and/or senior club member
» Aero position is not allowed while riding in the group - just stay off the aero bars
» No earphones



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